• ReTree 6 foot tall floor standing reusable wooden artificial tree to hang Christmas ornaments and lights
    Light up a room with our 6ft wooden holiday tree!

6ft Sapling Wood Christmas Tree

The reusable ReTree Sapling is an attention-getting happy magnet! The clean, open design of our 6ft wood holiday tree allows you to see all your Christmas ornaments at the same time. With so many branches, there’s plenty of room on our wood Christmas tree for hanging lights to make your holiday night sparkly and beautiful. At 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide, its presence fills a room with joy.

The Sapling is simple for one person to put together, but even more fun when family and friends help out ... the more, the merrier! Simply insert pre-cut twigs and branches into their holes, and watch it grow before your eyes. It’s the fastest growing tree ever! Building togetherness has never been so easy!

$320.   BUY ME!

6ft tall x 4ft wide, 9.6 lbs.
Made of unfinished, sustainably forested hardwood, grown in the USA
Comes with: 14" round base, two 3ft poles, branches, twigs, instructions for easy assembly and a cloth bag for storage
Handcrafted in San Francisco, California

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