• ReTree reusable wood tree for hanging ornaments of all sorts
    Decorate a ReTree reusable wood tree for all seasons!

Whose idea is this?

ReTree wood Christmas trees are brought to you by me! I'm Carrie Leeb, a San Francisco-based artist (and tree lover!) and I look to nature for inspiration. After seeing piles of discarded Christmas trees every holiday, I knew there had to be a better way Carrie Leeb, creater of ReTree™, reusable wooden trees to display ornaments of all sorts year roundto celebrate that didn't involve so much waste. I decided to design a reusable tree made of wood (just like a real tree!) that could be used to display ornaments for all kinds of occasions, as well as be a beautiful design piece, and...ReTree was born!

I'm constantly on the lookout for ideas and objects to use in my art. Whether it's dandelions floating through the air or patterns created by rippling water, I'm always thinking about what to create next. The inspiration for ReTree wooden holiday trees came from this same sense of discovery, wonder and love of nature.

Click here to see my paintings and sculptures: www.carrieleebstudio.com

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