• ReTree reusable 6 foot wood Christmas tree
    Our 6ft wood Christmas tree fills a room with joy!
  • ReTree reusable wood tabletop Christmas tree
    Celebrate all year long with our 3ft reusable wood tree!

ReTree Wood Christmas Trees bring JOY to your life!

ReTree wooden holiday trees are a modern alternative to an artificial Christmas tree and just as natural as a live one! Our sustainable Xmas trees will brighten your home season after season, year after year, and for generations to come. Handmade in the USA, our eco-friendly Christmas trees are made of sustainably forested hardwood. They’re simple for anyone of any age to assemble and come with a cloth bag to make storing easy. Our reusable wooden trees are fun to decorate year round and are available in two sizes - the 3ft Seedling and the 6ft Sapling.

ReTree wood Christmas trees will simplify your life - no more time looking for the perfect tree (you already have it!), no more watering, no more clean up. But why stop at Christmas! Keep our wood holiday trees up all year long and celebrate with hearts for anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, leaves for autumn, birds to celebrate the coming of Spring, and so much more! The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Click here to see our 3ft Seedling!
Click here to see our 6ft Sapling!

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